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OCC Announces Cleared Contract Volume Increased 10% in July

August 01, 2014
Chicago -

OCC announced today that total cleared contract volume reached 360,585,699 in July, a 10 percent increase from the July 2013 volume of 328,899,421 contracts. This represents the second highest July volume on record following the July 2008 volume of 366,783,829 contracts. OCC's year-to-date cleared contract volume is up 0.26 percent from 2013 with 2,477,587,106 contracts.

Options: Exchange-listed options trading volume in July was up 9 percent from July 2013 with 355,432,350 contracts. Average daily options trading volume last month was 16,156,016 contracts, 9 percent higher than the same time last year. Year-to-date total options volume is up .06 percent from 2013 with 2,438,523,550 contracts.

Futures: OCC cleared 5,153,349 futures contracts in July, representing a 21 percent increase from July 2013. OCC's average daily cleared futures volume in July was 234,243 contracts, a 21 percent increase from July 2013. OCC's year-to-date total cleared futures volume is up 14 percent from 2013 with 39,063,556 contracts.

Securities Lending: OCC's securities lending CCP activity was down 14 percent in new loans from July 2013 with 105,610 transactions last month. Year-to-date stock loan activity is down 10 percent from 2013 with 691,990 new loan transactions in 2014. The average daily loan value at OCC in July was $143,470,330,135.

  July 2014 Total Contract Volume July 2013 Total Contract Volume July Total Contract % Change vs. 2013 YTD. Avg. Daily Contract 2014 YTD. Avg. Daily Contract 2013 Avg. Daily Contract % Change vs. 2013
Equity Options 322,425,332 295,059,480 9.27% 15,064,081 15,138,396 -0.49%
Index Options 33,007,018 29,591,723 11.54% 1,638,135 1,553,297 5.46%
Debt Options 0 0 n/a 0 1 n/a
Total Options 355,432,350 324,651,203 9.48% 16,702,216 16,691,695 0.06%
Equity Futures 811,260 582,681 39.23% 39,511 34,734 13.75%
Index / Other Futures 4,342,089 3,665,537 18.46% 228,047 199,560 14.27%
Total Futures 5,153,349 4,248,218 21.31% 267,559 234,294 14.20%
Total Volume 360,585,699 328,899,421 9.63% 16,969,775 16,925,989 0.26%

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