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OCC Community Involvement

OCC employees have raised funds and donated their time for numerous charities and other worthy causes over the years. OCC has also matched employee donations for a variety of causes.

Every year, proposals highlighting charities that could benefit from the company's community outreach efforts are submitted by OCC employees. Two organizations are selected to be the year's charitable recipients.

OCC Charity

Here are just a few of the charities that OCC employees have helped over the years...

The Miracle League of Roanoke

The Miracle League of Roanoke provides a baseball league for children with disabilities. The organization performs charitable works, promotes the health and well-being of individuals with disabilities, educates the public, and promotes a greater understanding on matters concerning individuals with disabilities.

One Acre Fund

One Acre Fund (OAF) empowers chronically hungry farm families in East Africa to permanently lift themselves out of hunger and poverty. OAF uses donations to buy seeds, fertilizer, and also to hire qualified local people to educate farmers within the program on proper farming. Farmers will produce crops to feed her/his family and to sell in the market.

Southwest Kids

The Southwest Kids organization assists abused, neglected and homeless children in the Dallas area.

Rebuilding Together * Metro Chicago

Rebuilding Together Chicago Metro

Rebuilding Together Chicago Metro assists elderly, disabled and lower-income homeowners by significantly improving their home environment. Employees raised funds and fixed up homes in the Chicago area by repainting, landscaping, organizing rooms, and installing new cabinets and bathroom facilities.

The Maywood Fine Arts

The Maywood Fine Arts Association offers weekly classes for kids from Maywood and other Chicago west side neighborhoods to explore the arts through music (piano, voice, percussion, guitar, drama and harmonica), dance (ballet, jazz, hip-hop and tap dance), tumbling, drawing and even painting classes. Donations were used to refurbish two bathrooms that are used as changing areas for the students getting dressed for tumbling classes.  The center plans to us the rest of the money to refinish the dance studio floor.

Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina Relief

OCC employees gave money and time volunteering in record numbers for the Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Employees contributed more than $22,000 to C.A.R.E. Asia Quake Relief Fund for the Tsunami relief efforts, and an additional $17,000 to family support organizations in local communities. Hurricane Katrina relief effort donations to the American Red Cross totaled $27,000. Employees were also encouraged to volunteer their time to relief organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity, to help rebuild the Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama areas affected by the hurricane. Employees were granted five days paid leave to assist families and contribute to relief efforts.

OCC matched totals for both the American Red Cross and C.A.R.E., resulting in a total of nearly $98,000 contributed to these relief efforts. In addition to contributions to both the Hurricane Katrina and Tsunami relief efforts, employees also made significant donations to OCC's official charities that year.

Some of the ways that we generate donations for the charities...

OCC Charity

Grill Fridays

Over the summer, the Texas committee sponsored Grill Fridays— employees dress casually and bring items to be grilled and served at lunch time. During these events, employees provide donations to support the event and charity. 

Back to School Drive

The Back to School Drive effort provided supplies to 104 of the children sponsored by Southwest Kids. Back packs were filled with items needed for each child. OCC volunteers also hand delivered the backpacks to each child's house.

Push-Up Contest

OCC employees came in droves to participate and view the push-up contest. Prizes were awarded to the strongest male and female.

And the list goes on and on... walk-a-thon, billiards tournament, Wii raffle, Blackberry raffle, chili contest, Dallas Cowboys tickets on the 50-yard line along with rock-star parking pass, pancake breakfast, cake walk, Wii bowling tournament, etc.

Corporate Challenge

Chicago employees also have participated in The Corporate Challenge for several years. This event is a 3.5-mile run/walk through the heart of downtown Chicago. The event raises money for not-for-profit organizations throughout the Chicago area.

Corporate Challenge