“It is an extraordinary organization and the work that you do is quite extraordinary.”


The Options Industry Council (OIC) is an industry resource funded and managed by OCC. OIC’s mission is to increase the awareness, knowledge and responsible use of exchange-listed equity options among a global audience of market participants—including individual investors, financial advisors and institutional managers—by providing independent, unbiased education and practical knowledge. OIC’s experienced options instructors use a variety of channels to deliver valuable insight on the market challenges and opportunities investors encounter, including webinars, videos, podcasts, live seminars, and an entire online curriculum targeted to investors of all experience levels.

OIC was founded in 1992 and 25 years later continues to be a dynamic, trusted resource, guided by a Roundtable led by OCC and comprised of representatives from OCC’s clearing member firms and the U.S. options exchanges. The Roundtable’s goal is to support OIC’s efforts to contribute to the growth of the listed options market. They play a significant role in shaping programs that educate investors and financial advisors about the responsible use of options to help manage investment risk and find new opportunities for income generation. Credible and reliable education is crucial to this goal, and OIC’s endeavors over the last two and half decades to educate the public have proven invaluable.


OIC is formed with the mission to increase investor awareness about listed options and launches the first-ever national options seminar program and marketing campaign.


OIC adapts to the internet age and launches its first website, optionscentral.com, in response to investor need for options education.


OIC expands into Europe and opens an office in London. LEAPS® curriculum is launched.


In response to investor and advisor demand, OIC establishes an options call center 1.888.OPTIONS.


OIC introduces the Options Investigator™ interactive educational CD that offers 400 educational tutorials with 40 strategies.


OIC launches new website, OptionsEducation.org, with interactive learning tools. Harris Interactive Study on options investors is released providing insights on options- users and non-users.


OIC collaborates with University of Massachusetts to produce the Collar Strategy Study that showed the benefits of a Collared Nasdaq 100 Index ETF.


OIC presents the results of a buy-write study on Russell 2000® which showed that the buy-write strategy provided a higher return than owning the stock by itself.


OIC introduces the “Options Education Program,” an interactive, online course for investors and launches research study “Shifting Demand in a Changing Market Landscape.”


OIC celebrates its 25th anniversary as a worldwide, trusted resource for options education and launches new research “How Financial Advisors Use and Think About Exchange-listed Options.”