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2016 OCC Blog

December 20, 2016
What I Learned at Burgenstock
By Gary Delany
Gary Delany, OIC Director of European Marketing and Education, recently participated in a panel discussion on equity options at the International Commodities & Derivatives Association annual "Burgenstock" meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. Gary discusses key learnings from the event and upcoming challenges and opportunities for investors in 2017.
Category: Industry Education

December 6, 2016
Some Thoughts by OCC on Risk Management
By John Fennell
John Fennell, OCC Chief Risk Officer, shares his insights into how OCC proactively manages its internal and external risks and best practice models that promote an enhanced risk culture within the organization.
Categories: Operational Risk Management, Risk Management, Business Continuity, Compliance

November 15, 2016
From Hire to Retire: OCC's Focus on Developing and Retaining the Best Talent
By Tracy Raben
Tracy Raben, OCC Chief Human Resources Officer, discusses how OCC attracts, develops and retains the best talent to support its mission of promoting stability and market integrity through efficient clearance, settlement and risk management services.
Categories: Company Updates, Talent Management

November 2, 2016
Making the Case for Smarter Regulation of Centrally Cleared Markets
By Craig Donohue
Craig Donohue, OCC Executive Chairman and CEO, discusses the need for smarter regulation of exchange-listed U.S. options markets.
Categories: Company Updates, Regulation

October 25, 2016
Why A Resilient Risk Management and Internal Control Infrastructure Matters
By Adi Agrawal
Adi Agrawal, OCC Senior Vice President and Chief Audit Executive, explains how as a Systemically Important Financial Market Utility (SIFMU) and leader in the exchange-listed options industry, OCC understands the importance of a strong internal control infrastructure to enhance resiliency and provide sound risk management capabilities for market participants.
Categories: Business Continuity, Operational Risk Management, Risk Management

October 10, 2016
Financial Advisors Are a Crucial Part of the Investing Community
By Frank Tirado
Frank Tirado, OIC Vice President of Education, discusses the importance of financial advisors in the investing community and how OCC, through the work of OIC, continues to provide educational resources to the listed options markets.
Categories: OIC, Company Updates, Industry Education

October 4, 2016
The importance of business continuity in times of operational risk
By John Fennell
John Fennell, OCC Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer, discusses the proactive steps OCC takes to ensure business continuity in times of operational risk to provide uninterrupted service to its market participants during unexpected market events.
Categories: Compliance, Operational Risk Management, Risk Management

September 22, 2016
Blockchain could create efficiencies for markets
By Craig Donohue
OCC Executive Chairman and CEO, Craig Donohue, discusses his thoughts on blockchain and its potential to create efficiencies for market participants.
Categories: Blockchain, Fintech, Market Efficiencies

August 26, 2016
Gender and Pay Equality – We can and must do more
By Craig Donohue
OCC Executive Chairman Craig Donohue shares his personal reflections on the importance of gender and pay equality and how they translate through OCC's commitment to being an inclusive firm that promotes diversity through its culture and business strategy.
Category: Company Updates

August 18, 2016
Where Do Investors Go For Unbiased Education On How To Trade Listed Options?
By Mary Savoie
OIC's Executive Director, Mary Savoie, explains the mission of the Options Industry Council (OIC) and gives an overview of its free, online educational resources for investors.
Categories: Industry Education, OIC

August 11, 2016
OCC Weighs In On Leverage Ratio and Impact on Listed Options Industry
By John Fennell
John Fennell, OCC Executive Vice President of Financial Risk Management, explains the recent comment letter submitted by OCC and 30 other exchanges and trading firms regarding the leverage ratio framework as proposed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS).
Categories: Comment Letters, Risk Management

August 4, 2016
How OCC Manages Third-Party Risk
By Kirstin Wells
Kirstin Wells, OCC Vice President of Enterprise Risk Management, discusses the importance of risk management for a Systemically Important Financial Market Utility (SIFMU) and how OCC manages its third-party risks.
Categories: Cyber Security, Operational Risk Management, Risk Management

July 26, 2016
OCC: Moving from a Utility to an Influencer
By Craig Donohue
Craig Donohue, OCC Executive Chairman, discusses the reasons why OCC was named Clearinghouse of the Year by Global Investor/ISF Magazine.
Categories: Clearing Services

July 19, 2016
The Importance of Compliance for OCC
By Richard Wallace
Richard Wallace, OCC Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer, explains how the compliance landscape at OCC has evolved and how the organization proactively manages its regulatory demands, compliance requirements and stress testing.
Categories: Compliance, Regulation

July 11, 2016
Bringing Innovative Ideas to the Market
By John Fennell
John Fennell, OCC Executive Vice President of Financial Risk Management, discusses OCC's credit facility with CalPERS, the largest U.S. pension fund, as a means to diversify the organization's liquidity sources to reduce risk and improve overall resiliency.
Categories: Risk Management, Liquidity/CalPERS

June 29, 2016
The Role of Central Clearing and How it Could be Applied to Securities Lending
By Scot Warren
Scot Warren, OCC Executive Vice President of Business and Product Development, discusses OCC's role as the only central counterparty for equity stock loan transactions and the overall growth of OCC's securities lending program.
Categories: Securities Lending/Stock Loan, Clearing Services

June 21, 2016
Strengthening Financial Market Resiliency through Technology
By Luke Moranda
Luke Moranda, OCC Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, explains OCC's focus on improved resiliency and meeting heightened regulatory standards through technology and innovation.
Categories: Compliance, Cyber Security, Risk Management

June 17, 2016
Extension of QCCP Deadline Shows EC and SEC Are Working Together To Achieve Common Approach on Equivalency
By Craig Donohue
OCC recently commended the European Commission for its decision to extend the transitional period deadline for CCPs such as OCC to be recognized as QCCPs. Craig Donohue, OCC's Executive Chairman, discusses the importance of qualifying CCP status overseas. In addition to avoiding potential market disruptions, these rules also would also allow for impacted CCPs to further enhance their resiliency.
Categories: Clearing Equivalency, Regulation

May 31, 2016
An Advocate for the Listed U.S. Equities Options Industry
By Craig Donohue
OCC believes strongly in its purpose of ensuring confidence in the financial markets and the broader economy. Craig Donohue, OCC Executive Chairman, explains OCC's role in the industry and its commitment to being the foundation for secure markets.
Categories: Clearing Services, Compliance, DOL Fiduciary Rule, Regulation