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2017 OCC Blog

July 20, 2017
Five Questions with John Davidson, OCC President and Chief Operating Officer
By John Davidson
John Davidson, OCC President and Chief Operating Officer, shares his insights on the listed options industry and his responsibilities at the world's largest equity derivatives clearing organization.
Categories: Company Updates

April 25, 2017
OCC Says Implementation of SA-CCR Important For Liquid and Orderly Listed Options Markets
By John Fennell
OCC Chief Risk Officer John Fennell discusses the implementation of the Standardized Approach for Counterparty Credit Risk (SA-CCR) and its potential impact on liquidity in the listed options markets.
Categories: Market Efficiencies, Regulation

March 16, 2017
OCC Educating Lawmakers on Potential Impact of Tax Reform on Listed Equity Options Market
By Craig Donohue
OCC Executive Chairman and CEO Craig Donohue talks about the potential impact of comprehensive tax reform on listed equity options markets.
Categories: Company Updates, Market Efficiencies, Regulation

March 2, 2017
Renovating OCC's Risk Culture
by John Fennell
John Fennell, OCC EVP and Chief Risk Officer, discusses the proactive steps to renovate the OCC's risk culture and install a culture based on "identify, escalate, and then debate."
Categories: Operational Risk Management, Risk Management

February 7, 2017
What should be on Top of a Beneficial Owner's To-do List for 2017?
by Chip Dempsey
Chip Dempsey, OCC Chief Commercial Officer, discusses OCC's enhanced stock loan program and what beneficial owners should be looking for in 2017.
Categories: Securities Lending/Stock Loan

January 19, 2017
Options on ETFs Are Too Big to Ignore
By Mary Savoie
Mary Savoie, OIC Executive Director, talks about the growth of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and InsideETFs, the world's largest ETF conference, where she will be moderating the event's first ever all-woman panel with industry leaders.
Category: Industry Education, OIC

January 5, 2017
2016 Another Year of Positive Momentum for OCC
By Craig Donohue
Craig Donohue, OCC Executive Chairman and CEO, reflects on OCC's accomplishments in 2016, including two Clearinghouse of the Year Awards, and how OCC continues its mission to be the foundation for secure markets in 2017 and beyond.
Category: Company Updates