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Blog Category: OIC

December 12, 2017
Using exchange-listed options as a risk management tool for IPO stocks
By Gary Delany
Gary Delany, OIC Director of European Marketing and Education, discusses how investors with various market outlooks can gain exposure to IPO stocks through exchange-listed options strategies.
Category: Industry Education, OIC

October 17, 2017
The Options Industry Council: 25 Years of Trusted Options Investor Education
By Mary Savoie
Mary Savoie, Executive Director of The Options Industry Council (OIC), talks about OIC's role as the leading provider of unbiased listed options education and the importance of education for investors, financial advisors, and the users of the listed options markets.
Category: Industry Education, OIC

September 28, 2017
Millennials – a new investor group with new needs
By Gary Delany
Gary Delany, OIC Director of European Marketing and Education, discusses the millennial demographic and what this emerging group of investors needs for managing their investment accounts.
Category: Industry Education, OIC

August 16, 2017
The Options Industry Council Continues to Expand its Outreach to Financial Advisors
By Eric Cott
Eric Cott, Director of Financial Advisor (FA) Education for The Options Industry Council (OIC), discusses how OIC educates FAs about the benefits and risks of using exchange-listed options to help their clients manage their financial risk.
Category: Industry Education, OIC

January 19, 2017
Options on ETFs Are Too Big to Ignore
By Mary Savoie
Mary Savoie, OIC Executive Director, talks about the growth of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and InsideETFs, the world's largest ETF conference, where she will be moderating the event's first ever all-woman panel with industry leaders.
Category: Industry Education, OIC

October 10, 2016
Financial Advisors Are a Crucial Part of the Investing Community
By Frank Tirado
Frank Tirado, OIC Vice President of Education, discusses the importance of financial advisors in the investing community and how OCC, through the work of OIC, continues to provide educational resources to the listed options markets.
Categories: OIC, Company Updates, Industry Education

September 8, 2016
Pension Funds Can Benefit from Exchange-listed Options
By Frank Tirado
OIC's VP of Education, Frank Tirado, shares that as pension funds experience mounting pressure to meet their obligations they are broadening their investment scope and looking at new strategies, including income-generating and risk-mitigating exchange-listed options strategies.
Categories: Industry Education, OIC, Pension Funds

August 18, 2016
Where Do Investors Go For Unbiased Education On How To Trade Listed Options?
By Mary Savoie
OIC's Executive Director, Mary Savoie, explains the mission of the Options Industry Council (OIC) and gives an overview of its free, online educational resources for investors.
Categories: Industry Education, OIC