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2014 OCC Views

December 16, 2014 - John Lothian News
The Road Ahead: Donohue Leads OCC In A New And Pricier Era
Craig Donohue, OCC Executive Chairman sat down with reporter, Sarah Rudolph of John Lothian News to discuss change at OCC and what that means for the company in today's heightened regulatory environment.

October 2014 - Risk USA Conference and SIFMA Listed Options Symposium
Increasing the Resiliency of Central Counterparties and the Transformation of Clearing
OCC's Executive Chairman, Craig Donohue discusses how CCPs are meeting the heightened expectations of new standards, the impact of the new clearing environment on market participants and the direction of risk management moving forward.

October 14, 2014 - John Lothian News
Craig Donohue, Executive Chairman, OCC - Clearing Today and Tomorrow
OCC's Executive Chairman, Craig Donohue participated in the Marketswiki Summer Intern Education Series, World of Opportunity events held this summer in Chicago. In his presentation he gives an overview of OCC and highlights its achievements, discusses challenges in the industry, and also explains what a systemically important financial market utility is, and what that means for OCC and other SIFMUs going forward.

August 2014 - OCC News
OCC Chairman Discusses Risk Appetite Framework
OCC's Board of Directors recently approved the adoption of OCC's Risk Appetite Framework. Executive Chairman Craig S. Donohue shares insights on the framework's design that ensures material risks impacting OCC are monitored, identified, analyzed and addressed in a timely and effective manner.

June 2014 - Risk Magazine
Developments And Transformation Within The Clearing Business - A Natural Fit For OCC
In this article, Mike McClain, Chief Operating Officer at OCC, discusses OCC's recently launched OTC clearing service and the impact of the new regulations on the OTC derivatives space.

May 1, 2014 - OCC News
Heightened Expectations For Systemically Important Clearing Houses: How OCC Is Meeting The Challenge
Craig Donohue, Executive Chairman, OCC, addresses the Options Industry Conference in Austin, TX, with the following speech on how OCC is meeting heightened expectations and challenges in the current regulatory environment.

February 14, 2014 - John Lothian News
Craig Donohue Takes The Reins At OCC
Craig Donohue joins John Lothian News to discuss his focus for OCC going forward in his new role as Executive Chairman, OCC.