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2015 OCC Views

December 30, 2015 – Securities Lending Times
Scot Warren Explores the Role of Central Clearing and its Potential Impact on Securities Lending (PDF)
Scot Warren, Executive Vice President, Business Development and OIC, sat down with Securities Lending Times to explain the role of central clearing and how it could be applied to securities lending in the future.

October 29, 2015 – John Lothian News
John Grace, OCC's EVP and Chief Risk Officer, Talks About Preparing for Systemic Threats
OCC's Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer, John Grace, spoke with John Lothian News about managing capital and operational risk as a Systemically Important Financial Market Utility (SIFMU). John analyzes the challenges OCC faces as a SIFMU when it comes to risk management, as well as explaining the three fundamental ways in which OCC plans to cut down on systemic risk.

October 2015 – Leaders Magazine
Craig Donohue, OCC Executive Chairman - The Foundation for Secure Markets
In a recent interview conducted by Leaders Magazine, Craig Donohue examines the changes at OCC since he became Executive Chairman. He also discusses his views on regulation and the importance of brand awareness when it comes to OCC acquiring its new identity as a unique company that can outperform expectations.

August 31, 2015 – The Options Insider Radio
The Advisors Option Radio Show: Market Meltdowns and the Great IRA Option Battle (MP3)
The latest episode of The Advisor's Option radio show features special guest Joe Corcoran, the Head of Government Relations at OCC discussing the current Department of Labor Fiduciary proposal which could significantly impact the U.S. options market by taking away the ability for individual investors to use listed options in their IRA accounts. The rest of the panel including OIC's Eric Cott along with financial advisors Randy Swan and Michael Cavanaugh and host, Mark Longo also discuss updates of the Notre Dame/Mississippi State University study on the performance of options-based investment strategies, a preview of the Nielsen study on options investors as well as the upcoming NYSE/OIC Thought Leadership Forum. Also covered is the recent market volatility and what advisors can do to help clients protect their portfolios.

August 16, 2015 – The CEO Show
Craig Donohue, OCC Executive Chairman – The world's largest equity derivatives clearing organization
OCC Executive Chairman Craig Donohue talks with Robert Reiss of the CEO Show about OCC's role as a central counterparty and its impact on the economy, his leadership philosophy, and what advice he would give to CEOs.

July 14, 2015 – Middle Market Executive
Guiding a Clearing House's Ebb and Flow, Kim McGarry, CFO, Options Clearing Corporation (MP3)
Listen to OCC's CFO, Kim McGarry as she speaks with Jack Sweeney for Middle Market Thought Leaders discussing her background in accounting, how she is bringing a fresh perspective to building the CFO role at OCC, and how as a SIFMU, OCC fits in the marketplace and is helping to create capital efficiencies in the new regulatory environment. She also shares how the clearing house has been working on innovative ways to build capital and liquidity in order to strengthen its resiliency, OCC's commitment to educating market participants and investors on how options work and more.

July 7, 2015 - The Options Insider Radio
Talking Dividend Trades with OCC (MP3)
Listen as Michael McClain, OCC's President and Chief Operating Officer, discusses new initiatives such as OCC's capital plan, market volatility and trading volume, dividend trades and more with Mark Longo of The Options Insider Radio. The interview was recorded on May 7 during the annual Options Industry Conference held in Miami, Florida.

May 26, 2015 - Options Industry Conference
2015 Options Industry Conference: Managing Operational Risk in a New Era of Regulatory Oversight
More coverage from the 2015 Options Industry Conference from The Options Insider. Listen to the panel, Managing Operational Risk in a New Era of Regulatory Oversight which includes OCC's John Fennell, discuss two risk management topics – risk weighted asset ratios under Basel III and risk controls.

May 14, 2015 - Options Industry Conference
2015 OIC: Fireside Chat with Industry Representatives (MP3)
Miss The 2015 Options Industry Conference in Miami this year? Listen to The Options Insider's recording of the Fireside Chat panel from the conference with industry representatives including panelists Carolyn Mitchell, OCC Business Development; Joe Corcoran, OCC Government Relations and Alan Grigoletto of The Options Industry Council as they update the audience on recent developments in their respective areas including regulatory issues, capital efficiencies and education.

May 7, 2015 - Options Industry Conference
Enhancing the Resiliency of OCC and the U.S. Options Industry
Michael McClain, President and COO of OCC, addressed the Options Industry Conference in Miami, FL, with the following remarks about the important role OCC plays in helping the listed options markets remain vibrant, resilient and liquid in the eyes of regulators and the investing public, beginning with the importance of continued education - which lends to better and more effective policy making, and fosters more knowledgeable and prudent investors.

May 7, 2015 - John Lothian News
Mike McClain, President and Chief Operating Officer, OCC – Clearing Evolution: Michael McClain on the changes at OCC
Ahead of this year's Options Industry Conference in Miami, Michael McClain, president and COO of OCC sat down with Sarah Rudolph of John Lothian News and discussed the changes at OCC and their effect on its resilience and risk management capability. He also talked about other OCC initiatives including securities lending, options education, and the capital plan.

May 6, 2015 - Mondo Visione
John Fennell, Executive Vice President of Financial Risk Management, OCC – The Global Association of Central Counterparties - CCP 12 - Elected New Chair, Vice Chair and Executive Committee
The members of CCP12 – The Global Association of Central Counterparties – elected a new Executive Committee at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 6, 2015, which included OCC's John Fennell. The global association of the world's major clearing houses met in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on the sidelines of the World Federation of Exchange IOMA Conference, hosted by BM&F Bovespa. CCP 12 is a global organization formed in 2001 by 12 CCPs that works to further shape the industry's dialogue on the adoption of best clearing and risk management practices and support strategic progress on regulatory harmonization and the enhancement of global standards.

April 30, 2015 - OCC News
Amy Lawson Discusses OCC Clearing of Nasdaq Energy Derivatives
As part of Nasdaq's effort to expand its offering in the fixed income, commodities and currency space, the exchange is launching a line of proprietary commodity futures products that will be cleared through OCC. Amy Lawson, Vice President of Business and Product Development, shares her insight on what this expansion means for OCC and its clearing members.

April 28, 2015 – FTSE Global Markets Magazine
Craig Donohue, OCC Executive Chairman – The OCC Looks to a Bright, Confident Day
This is a time in financial history when the post trade segment is truly coming into its own. Globally the segment is replete with institutions at a crossroads: some will fall by the wayside; some will be cowed by the change befalling the segment and dawdle in the doldrums and yet others will rise to the occasion. The US Options Clearing Corporation (OCC) is an institution that looks decidedly upwardly mobile. OCC executive chairman Craig Donohue spoke to FTSE Global Markets about the strategic imperatives now driving the corporation's business.

April 23, 2015 - John Lothian News
John Fennell, Executive Vice President, Financial Risk Management, OCC – OCC Lingo: SIFMU Stands For Clearinghouse Changes
OCC's John Fennell sat down with John Lothian News to discuss the clearinghouse's systemically important financial market utility (SIFMU) status and what that means – changes at the organization and the ongoing assessment of risk and credit and liquidity resources. He also talked about what OCC is doing to meet these and other regulatory obligations including an innovative partnership with CalPERS for a committed repo facility.

March 20, 2015 - OCC News
John Fennell Discusses Establishment of Innovative Committed Repurchase Facility with Pension Fund
OCC recently announced the establishment of an innovative pre-funded, committed repurchase facility with a leading pension fund. The new facility increases OCC's overall liquidity resources from $2 to $3 billion, while diversifying its committed lenders to include qualified pension funds in addition to its existing participant base of banks and broker-dealers. Executive Vice President of Financial Risk Management, John Fennell shares insight on the company's decision to expand its liquidity resources.

January 29, 2015 – CEO Spotlight
Interview with OCC President and COO, Michael McClain – Salute to Keller, TX (MP3)
Tune in to OCC President and COO Michael McClain's interview with host David Johnson on CBS radio's CEO Spotlight, which profiles Dallas area businesses. For this episode saluting Keller, Texas, OCC was highlighted as it maintains an office and backup facilities in this suburb of Dallas. Listen in as Mike elaborates on the history of the options industry, OCC's SIFMU status, what brought OCC to Keller, how the Keller location has evolved as well as options trading volume, and the popularity and potential for growth of the listed options markets.