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Chicago's Office of Emergency Management and Communications Collaborates with ChicagoFIRST and U.S. Department of the Treasury

First Resiliency Exercise Conducted for Chicago's Financial Services Community

CHICAGO, July 14, 2004 - At a press conference this afternoon, the City of Chicago's Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC), ChicagoFIRST, and U.S Department of the Treasury (Treasury) announced the successful completion of the first financial sector resiliency exercise.

On July 13 and July 14, a wide group of participants from both the private and public sector gathered to practice crisis response to simulated emergency scenarios. Ron Huberman, Executive Director, (OEMC), D. Scott Parsons, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Compliance Policy and Brian Tishuk, Executive Director, ChicagoFIRST were among the attendees at these table top exercises. Overall, representatives from 21 financial institutions and 17 government entities attended the event.

The City's OEMC coordinated the resiliency exercise in partnership with the city's leadership of the financial services community to prepare against a crisis. This exercise is the first of its kind to be coordinated at the public and private levels with a focus in protecting the city's financial services sector.

"Preparing for terrorism cannot be the responsibility of government alone," said Ron Huberman, the City's Executive Director for OEMC. "Partnerships such as these should not be limited to local, state and federal entities, but must include private sector coordination like ChicagoFIRST to make us better prepared," Huberman added.

"These exercises provided us with an opportunity to practice different disaster scenarios and increase our preparedness for any city or regional disaster," said Brian Tishuk, Executive Director, ChicagoFIRST. "Over the last year, ChicagoFIRST has made great strides working together with the public and private sector and will continue in these team exercises."

"Our financial critical infrastructure is the lifeblood of the American economy, and since the attacks of September 11, 2001, the Bush Administration has made working together with the private sector as well as state and local governments to protect it a top priority. We've made significant progress, but this race has no finish line. We will continue to identify ways, like this week's exercise organized by ChicagoFirst, to promote the safety and stability of our critical financial infrastructure," said Scott Parsons, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Compliance Policy.


Chicago's premier financial services institutions formed ChicagoFIRST in July 2003 as an industry coalition that addresses homeland security issues requiring a common response by Chicago's financial services sector. ChicagoFIRST was initially supported by BITS, a technology and business strategy group composed of the top 100 financial services companies in the U.S. Chicago's Office of Emergency Management and Communications and The U.S. Department of Treasury have endorsed and expressed their support of ChicagoFIRST.