As the marketplace continues to evolve, so too does OCC. That is why over the past five years, OCC has undertaken a broad, multi-year transformation that covers every aspect of the organization: financial resiliency, people, processes, and technology.

To accomplish its goals OCC has strengthened its board and senior leadership team, enhanced its compliance processes and continues to modernize and redevelop its technology through our Renaissance Initiative in order to operate in a more effective and efficient manner and better serve market participants and the investing public. Since 2012, OCC's headcount has increased by 75% to add capacity and expertise appropriate to its responsibilities as a SIFMU, and to ensure that experienced professionals are in areas that needed to improve, such as Compliance, Financial Risk Management, Information Security and Internal Audit.

For nearly 50 years, OCC has demonstrated a nearly flawless ability to meet clearance and settlement obligations every day. Last year OCC reached a new milestone with a cleared volume of 5.24 billion contracts. OCC is committed to striving for excellence as the transformation continues and fulfilling its mission to serve as the foundation for secure markets.

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We will continue to strive for excellence as we complete our transformation and fulfill our mission to serve as the foundation for secure markets

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Transformation Initiatives   |   Transformation Videos   |   Transformation In the News