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Certification Testing Services Overview

OCC's Technical Certification Services provides testing support for external business parties including Banks, Clearing Members, Non-Clearing Organizations and Trade Sources.

External testing services support the onboarding of new external parties, industry initiatives, new or expanded business offerings and external party efforts related to new/modified functionality, regression and business process testing.

The following external testing activities are available:

  • New transaction format and processing verification
  • Roundtrip processing via batch or real-time data transmissions for:
    • Equity/Index Options and Futures trade and post trade processing
    • LOPR
    • Delta Position Limit
    • Collateral
    • Stock Loan
    • SOSA
  • Creation of outputs including batch or real-time FIXML DDS, core reports and on demand reports

External testing efforts are supported in separate, non-production environments that provide a test arena for external partners to validate any variety of input data, ENCORE processing and subsequent output data for use with their backend systems. Test connectivity must be established prior to testing.