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Request Testing

Certification testing requests are initiated by submitting an online test request. When completing the form, please identify:

  • Test purpose and requested dates
  • Inputs to be sent to OCC
  • Outputs to be returned to the external party
  • Connectivity mechanisms

OCC supports a 1-week lead time for all testing requests. This allows for confirming system and resource availability as well as to complete any pre-test verifications. External parties should plan for a longer lead time (2-3 weeks) when requesting testing that involves any of the following:

  • New or changed test connectivity
  • Custom data creation
  • Test efforts longer than 5 business days
  • Test efforts requesting less flexible test dates
  • Test efforts involving additional external party participation

Submitted testing requests will be responded to within 2-business days of receipt. Technical Certification Services will then initiate the process of confirming the scope, timeline, and needed inputs/outputs for the test, including connectivity.

This allows OCC to prioritize and schedule external party requests, to provide the requested data and resource support during testing as well as ensure that any setup is completed prior to the test start date.

Test Extension Request Process

Should additional testing time be required to complete a testing effort, a new online test request must be submitted no later than Noon CT on the last day of scheduled testing.

Only the Test Information section of the online test request form is required for an extension request:

  • Describe the reason for the test extension and identify the outstanding test conditions in the Goal of the Test
  • Include the additional test dates being requested
  • Select Yes to indicate that the new request is an extension of a currently scheduled testing effort

Once the extension request is received, Technical Certification Services will respond to confirm whether it can accommodate the requested dates, or if not, what dates are available.