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External Test Connectivity

The External Test environments are separate, non-production environments, and require distinct connectivity. The following forms of connectivity are supported:

  • ENCORE Access
  • Batch connectivity via Connect:Direct/NDM or SFTP
  • Real-time connectivity via MQ

It is OCC's policy to connect only non-production external party environments to External Test.

For new test batch or real-time connectivity, please complete the External Test Technical Specifications form and email the form to Technical Certification Services. External parties looking to establish and/or verify connectivity to External Test should reach out to Technical Certification Services.

Use of the External Testing environments is strictly limited to the specific parameters of a previously scheduled testing effort with defined business objectives, testing partner(s) and start/end timeframes, and extends to all external facing components of OCC systems including, but not limited to, External ENCORE, DDS and MQ connectivity.

External Test Connectivity Forms