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Options Industry Council

The Options Industry Council (OIC) is an industry cooperative created to educate the investing public and brokers about the benefits and risks of exchange-traded options. Options are a versatile but complex product and that is why OIC conducts hundreds of seminars throughout the year, distributes thousands of videos and brochures, and maintains a Web site focused on options education.

All seminars are taught by experienced options instructors who provide valuable insight on the challenges and successes that individual investors encounter when trading options. In addition, the content in our videos, brochures and Web site has been created by options industry professionals. All OIC-produced information has been reviewed by appropriate compliance and legal staff to ensure that both the benefits and risks of options are covered.

Features of OIC's Web site include:

  • Interactive, online options classes.
  • Beginning to advanced pricing calculators that feature Black Scholes, Binomial and Whaley pricing models to price premiums.
  • Extensive trading data, including options quotes, volume information, split/merger memos, settlement prices at expiration, new listings, product specifications and an online symbol directory.
  • Access to order free equity options information, including videos, software, brochures and newsletters developed by OIC.
  • The opportunity to subscribe to e-mail alerts on a variety of topics.
  • An "Options Store" which provides a list of books and software about options for purchase.
  • A "Newsroom" with OIC news releases and background information.

OIC was formed in 1992. Today, its sponsors include BOX Exchange LLC, Cboe Exchange, Inc., Cboe BZX Options Exchange, Cboe C2 Exchange, Cboe EDGX Exchange, MIAX Options Exchange, Nasdaq BX Options, Nasdaq GEMX, LLC, Nasdaq ISE, LLC, Nasdaq MRX, LLC, Nasdaq Options Market, LLC, Nasdaq PHLX LLC, NYSE American Options, NYSE Arca Options, and OCC. These organizations have one goal in mind for the options investing public: to provide a financially sound and efficient marketplace where investors can hedge investment risk and find new opportunities for profiting from market participation. Education is one of many areas that assist in accomplishing that goal. More and more individuals understand the versatility that options offer their investment portfolio, due in large part to the industry's ongoing educational efforts.