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Risk Based Haircuts Documentation

The following is a list of Risk Based Haircuts documentation and their posted dates.

Document Download Format
RBH/CPM User Guide - Updated 11/18/2019
An overview of the risk-based haircut methodology along with file layouts and calculation examples.
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ENCORE DDS Guide – Risk Based Haircuts / Customer Portfolio Margining (RBH/CPM) Updated 02/27/2020
Provides the transmission layouts, message structures and FIXML elements for the RBH/CPM DDS.

NOTE: The FIXML Schema Definition (XSD) files contain the FIXML base components and extensions necessary to implement the data service.

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RBH Offsets Matrix - Updated 01/22/2020
A more detailed listing of risk-based haircut treatment for indexes, containing information on class and product group offsets as well as minimum haircuts and capitalization requirements.
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Valid RBH & CPM Basket Codes
A Listing of valid basket codes being disseminated by OCC in the control records on the RBH profits & loss files.
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Index Futures in RBH
A list of index futures allowed in RBH processing, along with their respective contract quantities and exchanges.
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Valid Currency Symbols - Updated 11/01/2016
A list of active currency option symbols, which are required to include spot currency positions in a haircut calculation.
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Enhanced Returns ETFs
A list of exchange traded funds (ETFs) that are designed to achieve daily investment returns that correspond to 1) inverse daily returns of a benchmark index, 2) multiples of the return of the index, or 3) inverse multiples of the daily returns of the benchmark index.
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Bond and Treasury Debt ETFs
A list of ETFs included in the Theoretical Profit and Loss Files for RBH and CPM that are based on government and corporate bonds as well as Treasury debt issues.
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FMS Translation Report - PILOT
The FMS Translation Report provides a summary of FMS products and their key identification parameters, such as symbol, exchange, and native currency. The report is also included in RBH/CPM FIXML file transmissions to subscribers. The report includes the OCC generated FMS-ID for each product, however the FMS-ID is not required in position files, nor is it included in RBH/CPM P&L files distributed in FIXML.

NOTE: FMS stock and option theoretical values are currently available in the FIXML formatted RBH/CPM theoretical output files. FMS data is currently provided as part of a pilot program.

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Portfolio Margin Calculator (PMC) User Guide - Updated 11/18/2019

Provides an overview of the Portfolio Margin Calculator tool along with the position file description.

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PMC Position File Template - Updated 08/03/2015

Provides an example of necessary fields and correct formatting of a position file for the Portfolio Margin Calculator tool.

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