Equity Special Settlements
Trading Day
Data available for the past 2 years

Report Reference

RI (Record ID)

The record ID will have a unique value of '706,' which indicates that the record is an Equity Special Settlements Record.

SI (Symbol ID)

The traded option product ID.

PK (Product Kind)

A group of similar products which a Clearing Member must establish eligibility to clear. This field currently contains the following value: OSTK (Equity Options).

SC (Strike Currency)

This field specifies the currency of the strike price. For example, USD = US Dollars.

PC (ONN Product Code)

Two character industry grouping of option products. Valid values are EB (Equity Bounds), EF (Equity Flex), EL (Equity Long Term), EU (Equity Underlying), NC (Product not cleared by OCC).

DC (Total Number of Delivery Components)

This field represents the total number of components of delivery associated with the settlement of the traded option symbol.

CN (Delivery Component Number)

This field identifies the specific component of delivery that is represented by the record.

UI (Underlying Symbol ID)

Underlying product symbol corresponding to the specific component of delivery.

DU (Deliverable Units)

The per contract number of deliverable units of cash, stocks, bonds, or currencies to be delivered or received upon settlement.

SM (Settlement Method)

Identifies the manner in which exercise and assignment activity will be settled. Valid values are MON (Cash Settlement), CNS (Continuous Net Settlement through a Correspondent Clearing Corporation), BTB (Broker to Broker Settlement).

SP (Strike Percent)

Percentage of the strike price allocated for settlement.

FA (Fixed Amount)

Per contract cash amount to be allocated upon settlement.

PD (Process Date)

The date on which the record was created by OCC.

SD (Settlement Date)

The date on which delivery of and payment for the product relating to an exercised option is due. If settlement has been pended, the settlement date will appear as 00000000.

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