Meet OCC’s Credit Risk Management Team

August 04, 2022

The Credit Risk Management team serves a critical role by safeguarding OCC from counterparties who exhibit elevated credit or operational risk, or who lack appropriate risk management programs. CRM is responsible for identifying, measuring, monitoring, managing and reporting various risks and exposures introduced to OCC by clearing members, banks and other critical counterparties. There are just under 20 team members between our Dallas and Chicago offices.  

OCC’s Credit Risk Management team is hiring! View open positions below, or learn more about working at OCC here.

Meet CRM Team Members

Adam Greer

Adam came to OCC from TD Ameritrade in 2014, and he has a deep understanding of financial, market and operational risks.

“In Credit Risk we have a tremendous opportunity to capture and utilize data to provide value for the entire organization, ensuring OCC executes its role of providing stability to financial markets for years to come. I enjoy the team collaboration as we evaluate counterparty risk and utilize technology to communicate the risks we monitor to a broad set of internal and external stakeholders.”

Michael Block

For nearly 20 years, Michael traded options at firms like Susquehanna International, Gemini Trading and others before he transitioned into an examiner role at CBOE.

“Our Credit Risk team at OCC is a collaborative, dynamic and competitive team where critical thinking is required, and technical skills are valued. I have been exposed to risk management situations that challenged my industry knowledge and provided rewarding experiences.”

Bill Chepell 

Bill earned an MBA in accounting from DePaul University and a graduate certificate in applied statistics from Penn State University.

“As the team tasked with monitoring the risk profiles of clearing members and counterparties, our team serves a crucial role for OCC. This responsibility is especially important during periods of increased market volatility to ensure potential exposures are identified and understood.”

Darren Tait, CFA
Associate Principal

Before joining Credit Risk, Darren started at OCC in 2005 on the Investor Services team, supporting the Options Industry Council’s efforts to educate market participants about the benefits and risks of OCC cleared products. 

“From small proprietary broker dealers to the largest firms on Wall Street, OCC’s Credit Risk Management interacts with them all. Credit Risk Management’s wide-ranging role includes initial onboarding conversations with prospective Clearing Members and extensive daily risk management analysis of approved members. Our team is at the core of OCC’s commitment to serve as the foundation for secure markets.”

Rex McDonald
Associate Principal

Rex began his financial services career as a Wells Fargo personal banker, later moving to a compliance consultant role at HD Vest Financial Services.

“I appreciate that my management team at OCC actively embraces and consistently practices a leadership mindset. They are thoroughly engaged in my personal and professional development as well as my career advancement, and they consistently demonstrate a very gratifying ‘pay for performance’ culture.”

Betty Ragan
Associate Principal

Betty recently earned her MBA from the University of Dallas, including the Leading Ethical Change and Business Strategist credentials.

“OCC has been the best place to develop and learn about the industry because we interact with market participants, banks, and regulators with the goal of making the industry more secure. Over the past five years, I have been empowered to own my career development through trainings, industry learning events and course offerings.”

Craig Schuman
Senior Associate

Craig earned OCC’s Commitment to Excellence Award in December 2021, demonstrating exceptional contributions toward corporate goals with behaviors aligned to our values. 

“As a member of OCC's Credit Risk Management, I feel connected to new developments, products and regulations that can change the landscape for market participants. You can generally trace a straight line from market events to impacts upon our members, inspiring a sense of immersion as opposed to working in a silo from the rest of the industry.”

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